Children Programs

Children Sports Competition

On 13th January 2022, Kannagi Nagar Marialaya conducted the sports competition to the primary tuition children at Marialaya office. 71 children participated in the sports competition. All the children were very much encouraged and shared their whole hearted participation. There were individual and group games like Frog jump with balloon, Balloon pairing, Apple, orange & […]

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Media Education Training Program

On 9nd April 2022, Marialaya has organised a Media awareness program in collaboration with ARUWYE (Auxilium Rural Under privilege Women and Youth Empowerment) organisation. Around 45 Children and 19 teachers participated and benefited by the programme. Sr. Jebamani made the participants to be active and alive throughout the programme. The main objectives of the program,

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Children Parliament Follow-up

Children parliament students gathered for the meeting. Sr.Jebamani had discussed about the problem in the community like Water scarcity, garbage cleaning, damaged switch board and hygienic and broken toilet doors in Kannagi Nagar Government Higher Secondary School .She helped the children to write the letter to Mrs.Ashwini who elected very recently in the local election

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Children Parliament Followup Meeting

The Program Coordinator Sr.Jebamani organised a revising orientation program for children parliament students. They were 15 members present for the orientation program. The Children gathered 5:30 p.m. at Kannagi Nagar Marialaya office. She taught them how to solve their needs and problems by their own and she taught them how to write a complaint letter

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Child Marriage Awareness Program

On 25nd February 2022, Marialaya organized a program on child marriage awareness for the evening study centre children. It was started at 5:30pm, with 43 Children were participated in this program. Sr. Jebamani, Mrs.Nalini and Ms.Pooja made on arrangement for the success of the program. The main objective of the program, the children to know

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Republic Day Celebration

The 73rd Republic Day was celebrated in Kannagi Nagar Marialaya office. The children from the study centre, Self-help Group women and Oratory catholic children were participated in the celebration.  The Directress of Kannagi Nagar Marialaya Sr.Nirmala hoisted the flag. The Study centre children performed a dance and song which represented the olden languages, places, culture

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Pongal Celebration

Pongal celebration was celebrated on 26th January 2022 with the limited Self-help group members at Kannagi Nagar, Marialaya office. Totally 70 women were participated in the Celebration. The program was solemnised with the loving presence of Sr. Nirmala the directress of Marialaya and Programme Coordinator Sr.Jebamani. Pongal is festival to encourage the tradition of Tamilnadu,

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